Why SEO Is The New Lifeline For Lawyers

The Future Of Marketing For Legal Assistance Has Gone Digital

It would be silly for us not to accept the fact that more and more, Google is taking over marketing and how people find services that they’re looking for.

On Cinco De Mayo of 2015 for the first time ever, more searches were done on mobile devices rather than on desktop computers. I’m sure you can imagine that the number of searches done on mobile phones continues to skyrocket.

So what does that mean to an attorney? Word of mouth and referrals are still great for cash flow; but if you’re not on the first page of Google, your business is bleeding money to your friendly neighborhood competitors on the first page.

To give you an idea of the power of this prestigious search engine, even in the most unpopulated areas, having your website come up on the first page of Google for legal help keywords such as “DUI lawyer” or “personal injury attorney” means that you’re automatically increasing your business and making big-time bucks!

An attorney on the first page of Google is equivalent to a Starbucks in the middle of Time Square! When consumers see a business on the first page, it is no debate for them who they are going to buy from.

Unfortunately, a lot of attorneys don’t have the time to look into these technology shifts and end up waiting too late. Now is a better time than ever for business owners to focus in and jump on this change of the times. People who sign up now for placements on Google are ahead of the curve and will dominate their local competition for years to come; this is great to promote brand awareness which is the lifeline of every attorney.

A staggering number of over 500,000 people every month are searching for an attorney on Google! Although that number may seem overwhelming, a professional SEO is able to narrow that down to your local area and abundantly deliver all the referrals you need.

So why wait?

So after all this, what is an attorney to do?

Hire a professional SEO! Just as it would be a catastrophe for someone to defend themselves in a court of law for a really hard case, it would be a tremendous waste of time for an attorney to attempt to compete against professional SEOs. Plus, a good SEO will make you tons of cash, seriously.

In Maryland, the market on Google for attorneys is extremely lucrative! Hiring an SEO can EASILY mean $20,000 in extra cash every single month without paying for the new leads. Remember I said easily… Numbers don’t lie.

In Maryland, 390 people search for “Baltimore personal injury lawyer” every month! What would 390 new customers every month do for your family and your business?

As an SEO expert, one of my first questions usually is along the lines of “How many new clients can you handle?”

I’ve done paid ads and they don’t work!

Listen, we are all tired of hearing about paid ads, but did you know SEO is the complete opposite? What’s the difference you ask? I’ll make this quick and painless. A paid ad campaign charges you per click.

Lucky for you, SEO is not paid advertisement! Our proven SEO system puts your website through an expedited simulation of what would happen if a website gained its popularity and its way to the first page of Google organically. Without SEO this could easily take over 10 years.

While paid advertisements can cost you 30,000 a month, with SEO you pay less than one-seventh of that price for about 6 months and then your keyword stays up there generating leads for you virtually FOREVER without you continuing to pay for it. How is this possible? Because people are willing to overpay Google for their service because it’s a big brand that’s trusted. The point is… If an attorney is not buying into SEO right now, they’re making a dangerous and costly mistake!

SEO takes about 6 months to be completed because if a website builds itself too quickly, Google identifies it as spam.So if any SEO “expert” is claiming to be able to put you on page one within a month or two… Don’t trust them! Avoid them like the black plague because they will more than likely put your website through a generalized cookie-cutter process, not customized for you and your business. There is a lot that goes into SEO and it is a job that needs to be professionally handled with attention to detail and care. Just like with finding a good attorney, Sometimes you just want to spend the few extra bucks to ensure your safety and the lively hood of your business.

So what does an SEO do?

Without boring you with unnecessary technical SEO (search engine optimization) jargon, I’m going to give you the rundown on how SEO works and What SEOs do.

On-Page Optimization

(My football coach always said we can’t skip the basics!)

First, we must put the purpose of Google into the fresh part of our brain. The purpose of Google is to make sure you find what you want when you search for it. Simple, right? Well, not really but we will stay on this level. Google has these things called bots that crawl through most websites on the web and some websites never get crawled because of the lack of optimization done on the website. In Layman’s terms, if Google has no idea what it’s looking at it’s because the content was poorly labeled or “optimized”.

“An SEO’s job is to make it easy for Google’s bots to determine what content is on a website.” – Elijah Best (Master of SEO)

Off-Page Optimization

(My mother always said be careful who you hang around!)

Grrrrr… The evil spam we all hate.

We all love Google because it keeps spammy websites away from the search results on the first page; I mean let’s be real. That’s why we stay away from the second page like the West Nile Virus. Okay, so for this next section, we are going to refer to websites like BestBuy.com or LinkedIn.com as good friends aka Authority Websites.

On the other hand, we are going to refer to websites with annoying ads and cheap content as SPAM aka bad friends. Lastly, we must know what an “anchor text” is. An anchor text is a word in an article that you can click on that will direct you to another website, usually, the color of this word is blue.

The next huge part of SEO is making sure a website has good friends. Now, Google’s algorithm is like a parent who says you are who you surround yourself with. Using the knowledge from the last paragraph, let’s try to understand.

If a website has a bunch of anchor texts coming into their site from spammy websites, Google will say the website is bad. For example, if (abcMyLawyer.com) had “anchor texts” coming into it from sites like (iAmSpam.com) then Google will give (abcmylawyer.com) a penalty and hurt its chances of appearing on the first page. But if (abcMyLawyer.com) had “anchor texts” coming into it from Authority Websites like (BestBuy.com) then Google would say (abcMyLawyer.com) has some powerful friends, therefore, it must be powerful!

There is way more that goes into this like the relevancy of the content linking to your website, but let’s leave that to the professionals. The best way to look at it is that being on the first page is like reaching a high score amongst many qualifications. So the more powerful the website is, the higher the score or Google ranking is.

The job of an SEO is to be the ultimate matchmaker and build you links and content that will make your website look really REALLY good, so good that your website appears on the first page of Google above all of your local competitors.

What’s in it for the SEO Consultant?

My name is Elijah Best, and I’ve been in this industry for ages. I can tell you what. The best part about doing SEO is changing people’s lives. I am able to help families! What is more exciting than that?

I am one of the rare SEOs whose obsession is driving revenue into your cash register. I love SEO and all but I don’t get off by mashing at my computer all day. I get off when my clients call me begging to give me referrals. That’s how I’ve survived in this competitive industry.

My results speak for themselves! I am proud and happy to say… I am one of the top consultants at GANIC.

If you would like a free consultation, email me at elijah.best@captainganic.com


Elijah Best (President of GANIC)