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Personal Injury Attorney

“Throughout the years I’ve tried so many different advertisement methods. For years I didn’t think about trying having my customers find me online. But this seriously made my firm reach a new level of success,”

Cosmetic Surgeon

“When I come home from work all my kids know is that I’mDad. I knew my business needed online exposure, but I didn’t have the time to look into it. When I met my sharp consultant, I knew these guys were different.I only wish I found them sooner. I’m a loyal fan for sure.”


“As a CEO of a contracting company, there is no way we would have time to do our own online marketing.GANIC really took the pressure off of my company.”

"There are many SEO experts out there. What makes Elijah so special and outstanding? Not only he’s smart, creative and innovative but also he genuinely cares about your family and your business."

Timothy Dunn, Marketing Manager at Pro You Marketing, Inc.

"Elijah is the guy you want to talk to when it comes to putting your website on the first page of Google. His knowledge and understanding of SEO are very powerful. He will never let you down."

Brooke Huntsman, Founder at Click Priority

"Not only is Elijah a good consultant, but he is also a great person. He’s at the top of the SEO game, and you’ll not regret working with him. I highly recommend Elijah."

Jeffrey Ito, Founder of SEO Agency

"If your company needs more traffic to your website, contact Elijah. He is one of the best out there to work with. He has helped me in many ways, and he will do the same for you."

Claude Fullinfaw, Owner of

"Elijah and the team at GANIC are the best. If you want your website to be on page 1 on Google, choosing GANIC is a no-brainer. GANIC will get you there."

Joaquin Dones, Project Manager at Sherlocked Marketing

"Elijah Best is a very intelligent SEO expert; his proven performance speaks for itself. His ambition matched with his generosity is a rarity. Elijah will work on your business as if it were his own company."

Luana Rocha, Digital Marketing Entrepreneur at TheContributors.Org

"Elijah is the one that I always recommend to any business especially when it comes to SEO. He’s very creative, professional, smart and talented. He uses proven strategies to help your business become greater. Highly recommended."

Garry Lei, SEO Consultant

"These days you never know who you’re going to get as an SEO consultant, but Elijah Best is great at his job. He has great character and the proper mindset that is needed to get the job done properly the first time. I am giving him my all-time recommendation."

Tomasz Opalinski, Founder and CEO at Plutus Mark

"Elijah Best is truly an Expert with Search Engine Optimization. He has a high level of attention to detail, and he can deliver TONS of traffic to any website. If you want to SMASH your competition, I definitely recommend his company "GANIC.” They deliver results every time. Elijah Best is very kind and professional...he's truly a genuine person. Awesome working with him."

Kamil Kowalkowski

"Elijah has some serious skills when it comes to producing leads. His level of experience makes search engine optimization and anything that has to do with internet marketing look easy. Beyond that, he is very kind and professional as an SEO. Working together was a pleasure, and I hope to get the opportunity to do so again in the future. Highly recommended."

Jim Sabellico

Tye Gnass, Co-Founder of Digital Rocket Fuel

“I just can’t say enough aboutElijah. He does an incredible job with SEO services. I’m impressed by the way he treats his clients and works hard to rank them on the 1st page on Google.”

Matthew Agostinho, CPA CA

“Elijah can take on any business and grow their operations with organic traffic. He uses the most cutting edge SEO strategies in the industry. Highly recommended.”

Matt Marina, Expert Internet Marketer

“If you want SEO services that are effective and deliver results, you need to talk to Elijah. He’s a true expert when it comes to SEO and online marketing. He’ll be an asset to any business, and I recommend him without reservation.”

Ernesto Blancarte

“Are you looking for a good SEO company? Then I highly recommend working with Elijah and his company GANIC. His work is outstanding, and he treats your business like his. He knows how to help your business achieve more traffic organically and you’ll be amazed by the results.”

Kimberly Lerch

“Elijah is a great consultant.He’s willing to listen to the needs of your business and works diligently to make what you want happen. He’s very creative and can find a solution to virtually anything search/digital marketing related. Elijah really is the best!”

Food photographer

“Thanks to GANIC I can really focus on what I love most, and the leads keep coming in.” 

Rohit Ruat

“Elijah is a thorough professional and an extremely gifted digital marketer. His knowledge of changing search engine algorithms makes him able to keep delivering Page 1 rankings to his clients in competitive markets, consistently. I highly recommend his services.”

Ary Rosado

“Elijah Best is very professional and genuine. The amount of creativity he has to offer his clients is phenomenal; his ideas are nothing short from innovative. He’s very respected in the SEO and Lead Generation community. He provides outstanding work.”

Trevor Lewis

“Elijah has cutting-edge skills and training, is always highly professional, shows integrity and dedication to his clients. I wholeheartedly recommend Elijah if you are serious about increasing traffic to your site and seeing your business grow!”