GANIC offers high-quality web design and blogging services, completed by experienced designers and copywriters, to all of our clients.

Without a great website for customers to visit, your SEO will not give you the best possible return on investment.

Web Design

Typically, building and launching your own website means finding a huge variety of experts: software developers, designers, writers and a hosting platform. Once you find the right team, you need to develop your vision and ensure that it is brought to life. Who has the time and energy for that labor-intensive process? GANIC can take care of the entire web design process to give you a polished and professional website that gets real results.


1-page site: $109.99/mo.

Up to 6 pages: $159.99/mo.

Up to 15 pages: $209.99/mo.


Blogs are the backbone of excellent SEO, but content creation is harder than it looks. GANIC’s writers know how to write effective blogs that cater to the modern attention span and optimize your website for SEO. Our content marketing is designed to increase your search ranking and educate both current and potential customers.


2 blog posts: $149.99/mo.

4 blog posts: $289.99/mo.

8 blog posts: $569.99/mo.