Critical SEO Information For Home Improvement Businesses

When’s the last time you opened Yellow Pages — the paper kind?

Think back: When’s the last time you opened your Yellow Pages? I’m talking about the phone directory made of paper, the one you’ve got sitting under that plant on your counter. Or did you Google whatever you were looking for on your laptop or smartphone? Be honest — would you take the time to flip through the yellow pages for something like home remodeling?

These days, more people are finding their information online than they are in a phone book. (As I write this article, someone has posted a Facebook photo of their Yellow Pages book in the trash.)

That means, for a majority of the population, paper is passé. People are searching online for phone numbers. And why not? It’s fast and your phone is always at hand.

Paper is so outre —

it’s all about the web now

What this means to home remodeling professionals is that your search engine ranking is absolutely crucial to your success. Unlike a phone book, Google doesn’t list search results in alphabetical order. Google’s goal is to return the best possible match to the words you type in.

The search engine ranks home remodeling services like yours based on over 200 signals — including the quality of your website content, its load speed, its mobile-friendliness and even your Google Business listing.

Having a home remodeling website isn’t enough. Clients have to actually find it online for it to bring you any business.

So if you want to be found when people in your city or service area do an online search, you’ll need the help of a search engine optimization (SEO) company or professional. An SEO knows a lot of the tricks of the trade to help improve their clients’ placement in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

(I’ll refer to Google in this article because they control 65 percent of the U.S. search engine market. Just know that this information applies to the other two search engines as well.)

I’ve done paid ads and they don’t work!

It’s also important to note that I’m talking about organic search results — not paid search. Anyone can pay for a top ranking in Google’s ads, so that’s not going to take a special company. It’s going to take a fat wallet.

We are all tired of hearing about paid ads, but did you know SEO is the complete opposite? What’s the difference you ask? I’ll make this quick and painless. A paid ad campaign charges you per click.

Lucky for you, SEO is not paid advertisement! Our proven SEO system puts your website through an expedited simulation of what would happen if a website gained its popularity and its way to the first page of Google organically. Without SEO this could easily take over 10 years.

While paid advertisements can cost you 30,000 a month, with SEO you pay less than one-seventh of that price for about 6 months and then your keyword stays up there generating leads for you virtually FOREVER without you continuing to pay for it. How is this possible? Because people are willing to overpay Google for their service because it’s a big brand that’s trusted. The point is… If a home remodeling company or contractor is not buying into SEO right now, they’re making a dangerous and costly mistake!

Buyer Beware: Watch Out for SEO Service Provider Deceptive “Guarantees”

SEO takes about 6 months to be completed because if a website builds itself too quickly, Google identifies it as spam. So if any SEO “expert” is claiming to be able to put you on page one within a month or two… Don’t trust them! Avoid them like the black plague because they will more than likely put your website through a generalized cookie-cutter process, not customized for you and your business.

There is a lot that goes into SEO and it is a job that needs to be professionally handled with attention to detail and care. Just like with finding a good home improvement company, Sometimes you just want to spend the few extra bucks to ensure your safety and the lively hood of your business.

What’s in it for the SEO Consultant?

My name is Elijah Best, and I’ve been in this industry for ages. I can tell you what. The best part about doing SEO is changing people’s lives. I am able to help families! What is more exciting than that?

I am one of the rare SEOs whose obsession is driving revenue into your cash register. I love SEO and all but I don’t get off by mashing at my computer all day. I get off when my clients call me begging to give me referrals. That’s how I’ve survived in this competitive industry.

My results speak for themselves! I am proud and happy to say… I am one of the top consultants at GANIC.

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Elijah Best (President of GANIC)